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The back end of this 444, your oral English is definitely not a

1 I see. I see. 2 Iquit !I quit !3 Letgo 4 Metoo. !Let go !I 5 Mygod 6 Noway !Gosh !!!7 Comeon. come ( to ) 8 Holdon. wait. 9 Iagree. 10 NotI agree. Bad. is also good. 11 Notyet.
yet .12 Seeyou. goodbye. 13 Shutup So long. goodbye !Shut up! 14.15Whynot ?!( why not ?) 16 Allowme. let me. 17 Bequiet ,I will be brave enough, to do my own!Be quiet! The 18 Cheerup 19 Goodjob !Cheer up !!do 20 Havefun well !!have fun! 21 Howmuch 22 Ifull.
?How many money ?I was full. 23 Ihome. 24 Ilost. me back. I lost. 25 Mytreat. 26 Sodo I. on me. I too. 27 Thisway. 28 Afteryou. . This way please. You first 29Blessyou 30 Followme. !Bless you !Follow me .
31 Forgetit !No way! ( !) 32 Goodluck 33 Idecline !Good luck! !I refuse !34 Ipromise. 35 Ofcourse .I guarantee !Of course !36 Slowdown 37 Takecare !Slow down !Take care !!38 Theyhurt. ( wound ) hurts.
39 Tryagain. 40 Watchtry again .Out !Beware. 41 Whatup ?What 42 Becareful 43 Bottomsup attention !!!Cheers ( bottom ) in 44 Don!Move !Don !45 Guesswhat ?Guess what? 46 Idoubt it 47 Ithink so.
I doubt that. I think so too. 48 Isingle. I was single 49 Keepit up nobility !Hold on !50 Letme see. let me think. 51 Nevermind. does not matter .52 Noproblem 53 Thatall !No problem !!that 54 Timeis up.
time is up. 55 Whatnew ?What 56 Countme on count I don Don .57worry..58 Feelbetter ?Okay ?59 Ilove you !I love you !60 Ihis fan. I m his fan. 61 Isit yours ?Is this you ?62 Thatneat.
Are you sure is very good. 63 ?Are you sure ?64 Dol have to do ?65 Heis my age. he and I are the same age. 66 Hereyou are. No one knows for you. 67.No one knows. 68 Takeit easy.
What a pity .69don !What a pity! 70 Anything else ?Anything else ?71 Tobe careful ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe!Be careful,Leo has what characteristic! 72 Dome a favor ?Do me a favor ,okay ?73 Helpyourself. 74 Ion a don .Diet. I 75 Keepin Touch.
76 Timeis money. keep in contact. Time is money. 77 Whocalling ?Which one? 78 Youdid right. you did right. 79 Youset me up ,nikesforce1.com!You betrayed me 80 CanI help !You ?Can I help you ?81 Enjoyyourself !I wish you have fun! 82 Excuseme ,Mr.
Sir. ,I .83 Giveme a hand !Help me! 84 Howit going ?I have ?85noidea. I have no idea. 86 Ijust made it !I do !87 Isee to it I will see to it. 88 Iin a hurry !I 89 Ither field.
this is her field. 90 Itup to you. is for you to decide. 91 Justwonderful !It !What about you 92?You ?93 Youowe me one. you owe me one. 94 Youwelcome. 95 Anyday will do. any day will do 96 Areyou kidding ?Are you kidding !Congratulations on your 97 Congratulations!T !Can help 98it.
99 Idon mean I be overcome by one .It. I didn 100 Ifix you U P. I will fix you up 101 Itsounds great !.sounds good. 102 Ita fine day. today is a fine day. 103 Sofar ,So good. is also good.
104 Whattime is it ?Points ?105 Youcan make it !You can do it !106 Controlyourself !Try !107 Hecame by train. he came by train. 108 Heis ill in bed. he is ill in bed. 109 Helacks courage.
he lacks courage. 110 Howeverything ?Is everything ok ?111 Ihave no choice. I have no other choice. 112 Ilike ice-cream. I like to eat ice cream. 113 Ilove this game. I love this exercise 114Itry my best.
.I do everything in one .115 IOn your side. I support you .116 Longtime no see !Long time no see !117 Nopain ,no gain. Well it depends no pains no gains .118,oh ,it depends .119 Weall for it.
we all agree. 120 Whata good deal !What a bargain! 121 Whatshould I do ?How should I do ?122 Youasked for it !You get into 123 Youhave my !Word. I Believe it or not guarantee. 124!Believe it or not !125 Doncount on me .
don 126 Donfall for it ,www.deadidasporschedesign.com!Don !127 Donlet me down. don 128 Easycome easy go. easy come easy go. 129,Adidas Porsche Design,I beg your pardon. and ask for your forgiveness. 130 Ibeg your pardon ?Would you please say it again ( I did not catch ) .
131 Ibe back soon. I 132 Icheck it out. I see .133 Itrsa long story. Itrs Sunday today. dwell on it at greater length .134todayis Sunday. 135 Justwait and see !Wait! 136 Makeup your mind.
to make a decision .137 Thatall I need. 138 TheI would like to have these .View is great. 139 Thewall scenery is so beautiful! Beware of eavesdroppers! Has ears. There comes a bus. .
140car.141 Whatday is today ?What day is it today ?142 Whatdo you think ?What do you think ?143 Whotold you that ?Who told you that ?144 Whokicking off who ??145 Yes,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,I suppose So. yes ,I think so.
146 Youcan miss it you can find .147 Anymessages for me ?Are there any message for me ?148 Donbe so 149 Donmodest. don T give me that !Come on this set of 150 He is a smart boy.
!He is a smart boy. 151 Heis just a child. he is just a child. 152 Ican follow you. I don .153 Ifelt sort of ill. I am feeling a little tipsy. 154 Ihave a good idea !I have a good idea .
155 Itis growing cool. growing cool. 156 Itseems all right. it seems all right .157 Itgoing too far. too far. 158 MayI use your pen ?May I use your pen ?159 Shehad a bad cold. she had a bad cold at the 160 Thata good idea.
.That 161 Theanswer is zero. white busy. 162 Whatdoes she like ?What does she like ?163 Assoon as possible !Faster !164 Hecan hardly speak. and he can hardly speak. 165 Healways talks big.
he always talks big. 166Hewon an election. he election. 167 Iam a football fan. I am a football fan. 168 Ifonly I could fly. if only I could fly .169 Ibe right there. I immediately went to the I see you at six.
.170Isee you at six o .171 ISit True or false ?Is it true or false ?172 Justread it for me. read it for me. 173 Knowledgeis power. knowledge is power. 174 Moveout of my way !Time is running !175out.
had no time. 176 Weare good friends. we are good friends. 177 Whatyour trouble ?Where are you uncomfortable ?178 Youdid fairly well !You of 1179 Clothes make the man. clothes make the man.
180 Didyou miss the bus ?Did you miss the bus ?181 Donlose your head. don panic stricken .182 Hecan take a joke. a joke .183 Heowes my uncle $100. he owes my uncle $100. 184 Howare things going ?How are things going? 185 Howare you recently ?186 Iknow all recently ?About it.
I know all about it. 187 Itreally takes time. it really takes time .188 Itagainst the law. this is illegal. 189Loveme ,love my dog. ( proverb ) .190 Mymouth is watering. who I will slobber .
191 Speaklouder ,please. speak louder please. 192 Thisboy has no J This boy has no job. 193ob.This house is my own. this house is my own. 194 Whathappened to you ?What you ?195 Youare just in time.
you are just in time. 196 Youneed to workout. you need to workout. 197 Yourhand feels cold. your hand feels 198 Donbe so childish. cold. Don 199 Dontrust to chance !Don 200 Fastenyour seat belt.
fasten your safety belt. 201 Hehas a large income. he has a large income. 202 Helooks very healthy. he looks very healthy. 203 Hepaused for a reply. he stopped down to wait .He repaired his house.
.204herepaired his house. 205 Hesuggested a picnic. he suggested a picnic. 206 Herea gift for you. there is a gift for you. 207 Howmuch does it cost ?How much? 208 Icaught the last bus.
I caught the last bus. 209 Icould hardly speak. .I could hardly speak. 210 Ihave to try that. it is just what I need. 211 Ivery proud of you. I 212 It doesn make sense. pride. It doesn ( irrational ) .
213 Makeyourself at home. please don .214 Mycar needs washing. I need to wash my car .215 Noneof your business !And you! 216 Nota sound was heard. and there was not a sound .217 Thatalways the be accustomed to .
218 Theroad case. divides here. the road divides here. 219 Thoseare watermelons. are watermelons. 220 Whata nice day it is !Nice weather today !221 Whatwrong with you ?What ?222 Youare a chicken.
you are a coward .223 Alovely day ,isn the weather is good ,it ??224Heis collecting money. he is collecting money. 225 Hewas born in New York. he was born in New York. 226 Hewas not a bit tired.
he was not a bit tired. 227 Iwill be more careful. I will be more careful ,228 Iwill never forget it. I will remember It is Just what I 229need.this is just what I need. 230 Itrather surprised me.
it rather surprised me. 231 Justaround the comer. Just for ente 232in the vicinity.Rtainment. just for entertainment. 233 Letbygones be bygones. the past ,let it go .234 Motherdoesn make up.
mother doesn t make up. 235 Oh,you are kidding me. Oh ,you don .236 Shehas been to school. she has been to school. 237 Skatingis interesting. skating is interesting. 238 Supperis ready at six.
dinner six o it. 239 Thata terrific idea !Is really a good idea !240 Whathorrible weather !This ghost weather !241 Whichwould you prefer ?Which would you prefer ?242 Doesshe like ice-cream ?She like ice-cream ?243 Firstcome first served.
first come first served .244 Greatminds think alike. He has a great minds think alike. 245senseof humor. he has a sense of humor. 246 Heis acting an old man. he is playing an old man.
247 Heis looking for a job. he is looking for a job. 248 Hedoesn care about me. he doesn 249 Idevelop films myself. I their own photographs .250 Ifelt no regret for it. on this thing I felt no regret for it.
251 Iget up at six o get up at six. 252 IMeet the boss himself. I meet the boss himself. 253 Iowe you for my dinner. I owe you for my dinner. 254 Ireally enjoyed myself. I have a lot of fun.
255 Ifed up with my work !My work! 256 Itno use complaining. no use complaining. 257 Sheunder the weather. her mood. Not good. 258 Thechild sobbed sadly. the child sobbed sadly. 259 Therumor had no basis.
the rumor had no basis. 260 Theypraised him highly. they praised him highly. 261 Winteris a cold season. winter is a cold season. 262,You can call me any time. you can call me any time.
263.15 dividedby3 equals 5.15divided by 3 equals5264 Allfor one ,one for all. I for all ,all for me .265 East,[url=http://lkcobj88.fotopages.com/?entry=4376828][ghost blows 1]

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