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Willpower training for _ Hudec training principle to enhance ind

Willpower training for _ Hudec training principle to enhance individual willpower ( 2)three ,decision in all 1 decisionsbefore must pass over in one .2from smallstart developing your own judgment .
( 3.) from time to time to make efforts to reduce the decision needs time. Do anything as quickly as possible. 4once a decision ismade not to delay. Start had decided to do. 5must makedecisions and energy together.
Four ,adhere to the 1 consider price.2continue torepeat his decision. 3notlong time concerns the possible difficulties. ( 4.) the goal is maintained in the visible range .5 in continuousefforts in the process the effort has been very abundant, decided to stop beating as the axe ,the nail will be firmly nailed down .
( 6.) to each step or each stage as ends in themselves .Action to make answer -- things have already been done !Five ,analysis and understanding of ( 1.) the first thing to know to do this things need to face what .
( 2.) then you know failure means nothing. ( 3.Third ) to know what success means .( .) 4knowyour weakness. ( 5.) know their own strengths . 6 onhow it should be crystal clear know .
( .) ( 7.) a detailed understanding of a thing is the sequence of events ,each step of the choice of what method should have good reason to .Six ,while 1 have fulltrust .2have faith in others.
3honest with yourself-- absolutely honest .( 4.) must not be allowed to make their own judgment 5place oneself in othersis always deceive oneself and others .For others. 6to examineall the traditional ethics.
7dongive up the things that are old .8 donbecause it is new and unconditionally accepted. ( 9.) don give any conclusion. ( 10.) as much as possible to seek solutions. ( 11.) may make full use of existing approaches .
12 obeytheir good instincts .13 lettheir views stand the test. 14as long as it isgood intelligent behavior ,even if the impulsive doesn .15the most important thing is tolove truth .( .) ( 16.
) was eager to take the initiative to identify problems ,and with the same enthusiasm and responsibility .The following a period of high perspicacity from John .Muller .Stuart ..works ,he almost gives reasonable exercise willpower in all aspects to summarize : &quot ;to set itself the goal to go to all lengths ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,must use observation to study , analysis ability and imagination to predict future possibilities ,with judgment to decide ,with action to collect the decision-making needs of material ,with self restraint and the fortitude to put themselves have identified the things done .
If he does not possess these qualities ,maybe he will be guided to walk up the road ,has not been evil infestation and temptation. But ,he as relative value is reflected in what place ?Really important not only for him to do ,including how he works.
All of mankind work is based on its refinement and sublimation ,the first thing is people themselves. &quot ;but the book of this chapter does not end, simply put the determinants on subjective human itself .
In fact ,there is a deeper self ,need to train it to accept the above mentioned rules ,and according to these laws to take the action. Relying solely on the external force ,to achieve self-improvement ,is a kind of wrong view .
If you put these rules reading again ,until they become deeply rooted in your heart ,your subconscious part ,then they will &quot &quot ;germination ;,Adidas Jeremy Scott,in a certain time will become second nature to you .
At the same time ,also Should keep in mind the following content :strengthening &quot ;I fully absorbed the behavior principle ,I do a little further affirmed -- of his state of mind and emotions for proper control ,will be help me success, become our daily life rules.
&quot ;remember ,always see only the outside something ,or just staring at the sky fantasy ,you will never be able to find the truth and the truth of life .In your case, these things happen except in your own role ,or are not present .
The universe operates through the solemn ,you cannot be observed in the field. You from above the sky had little knowledge ,because all knowledge from the world did not reveal a subconscious nature .
There is no wealth is yours, unless it comes from your inner field. Strong standing in life ,like the inner world of the present ,all the world will and your ally ,will to help you a helping hand .
If the external world appears when you face it ,soon you will certainly see ,your inner self and also continue to grow food association ,because this connection you will realize ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,John .
. Muller said the truth. Otherwise ,his words is nothing but a commonplace talk of an old scholar classroom lessons .Now so many rules ,listed the main purpose is to stimulate your body great temperament .
We can from the Ibsen ( Norway famous playwright Ibsen seen in the writings of the same discourse :&quot ;people of varying degree having become great properties ;some people the opportunity to more than others .
.some people gifted flashing light out .A lot of talent .Not a stupid person at some point in life may have good sense ,but such inspiration only intermittently flashes ,so they cannot become a genius .
It is the biggest tragedy .Maybe he saw God world ,but can not find the appropriate way to express the .&quot ;then ,using different .The law and rule ,started to previously mentioned practice !They will gradually form in your mind conscious awareness ,the are you in accordance with the infallible rule guidance of your behavior.
You will soon realize that you are the master of your life -- you may want to control their own direction. With the more high Knowledge of the show ,you will arise spontaneously from deep belief in yourself -- you are your own master ,you from the outside or natural manipulation ,and external force is take pleasure in other people to about most of ordinary human destiny .
Ibsen thinks ,great place is his independence. Only with these precious quality ,in order to be worthy of the great &quot &quot ;;the holy name .Second strength of will and feeling efficiency eighteenth Generated by Foxit PDF Creator .
Foxit Software ( text box blank For evaluation only notes ) .Willpower training for _ Hudec training principle to enhance individual willpower .TXT eighth chapter sensibility training program sensory is to obtain the spiritual life source material the basic exploration tool.
However ,full attention and use their senses of how little sense organs in the human body !Not lower citizen any high level of spiritual life is through the doors of perception into the heart.
Just the adults ,even a child ,idiot even livestock ,can pass the habit to get many of them had no perception .Almost every occupation people have this on their occupation category Specific thing sensitive .
-- Thomas .Reed .In this about ascension will book, why is &quot &quot ;sensibility ;monarchs especially a ?Don feel force than a low-level primitive ,and will be of no great importance .
?however ,please be sure to pay attention to the reader ,Royce in the Introduction to Psychology once said :in &quot ;in the growth process of every stage of spiritual activity ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,maintain and develop must depend on sensory organs often ,correct use.
Any even the highest levels of intrinsic spiritual culture must be related to the sensory organ culture. &quot ;but it should be noted that ,relative to the intellectual life ,the feelings of life or the ideal life ,feel life is not a lower levels of life ,more than three contradictions of exclusive spheres of life.
Instead, feeling played its own role ,this effect exists in our spiritual life of a high level ,but also extremely important for example ,when .We hope to cultivate their abstract thinking, in the training design should include an appropriate plan to develop our sensory organs.
And the sense organs ,not only for the training plan The training of a particular useful ability ,while ignoring the other senses. Now we have to enter the willpower training of practical training .
This chapter is the beginning of the introduction ,but very practical ,in which the content is not only to read ,but to be thoroughly research and learning ,until the proposal fully implement in daily life.
From this point of view ,all training guidelines based some of the principles is necessary here to introduce to you .Complementary coherent and wisdom mind and strength of will was always racing together bridle to bridle ,supplement each other.
In for a goal for training, is especially evident .The power of will produce great brilliant thought, at the same time ,it also gained a counterforce from thought ,but also will bigger and bigger, reaction in its strength is also larger.
For will ,this point without the need of systematic training can reflect .However ,if conduct regular training ,is expected to turn their attention to notice a dream goal ,arouse the ascension will great desire.
&quot ;I am determined to obtain strong willpower !&quot ;this creed In mind !Its value estimation can not be overemphasized. Infer other things from one fact for a certain part of the body or person and Practice on other sites have multiple beneficial effects ,we described the code for the &quot ;infer other things from one fact about &quot ;.
A part of the body exercises ,useful in other parts of the body .About physical exercises, useful in thinking about thinking .The practice ,Denon eight for which eight Department,beneficial to different body functions and organs.
This general principle can be derived from the following facts :if every day was exemplified Satin chain of one hand ,then the other hand grip will be enhanced. Therefore ,Si Cory Professor Toru in thinking.
.determined .wrote &quot .Action :;I can hardly believe that ,some authors have claimed that ,even with the greatest effort to practice also may not bring any change; from our fitness exercise in the universal experience, this is clearly not true.
In I guided by some experiments show that ,any degree of different exercises will bring changes ,these changes are happening every day and was aware of .&quot ;&quot ;interestingly ,some ability to increase is not Because of it special activities.
In the above experiments, on the first day ,with the greatest efforts to exercise his left hand grip ,each hand and the right hand exercise ,practice ten times. The results show that :the left hand grip for 15 pounds ,while the right hand is 15 pounds.
Thereafter ,only the right hand exercise almost every day ,the same practice ,a total of 11 days ,while the left and right hand use .Grasping force in a day increase. By the twelfth day ,the right hand grip has reached 25 pounds.
But the same day ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,the left hand grip was also reached 21 pounds,that is to say the left hand grip force increased 6 pounds,it with another hand exercise increased by 1 / 3 more!&quot ;in the light of willpower training exercise ,thinking ability and above the exercise should also is the same reason.
In fact ,firm ,objective clearly physical strength training ,the general will enhance the strength of will .Cory Professor Toru also mentioned this point :&quot ;about physical exercise and strength of will discuss of the relationship has a lot .
I think ,I talk about the content can be fully explained why we can use some behavioral ability Change of strength of will change as the indicator .No doubt ,exercise enhances human activities ,and for those with the motion behavior of the corresponding will also must be increased.
This conclusion is obviously .We can note ,sometimes in spite of muscle showed any minor changes ,but the some behavior is in steadily enhanced. &quot ;&quot ;of course ,I through the exercise of the muscles and unexercised muscles compared ,to do the same thing does not reveal how much of a difference ;I only show ,many forces on the strengthening or weakening sometimes just because of the strength of will to change for example ,no one believed .
Mountains ( writers figure ) than other people have stronger willpower ,even though he was very strong .However mountain strength is in constant change, although the part changes are due to muscle condition change ,but the main reason is that the strength of will to change when the mountain appears .
It is a moment of weakness ,try to provoke him to anger ,the result may be a be unbearable to contemplate .&quot ;be observant and alert on the willpower to insight for the beginning of scientific training .
Insight spiritual development dynamic One senses is our spiritual life .To obtain raw material the most common exploration tool. However ,can fully aware of their feelings and can be very good to use their sense organs of people how little !There is a neglected field.
Among people with a very important difference observation ability of different .Observation refers to see ,hear and feel the reality ability .Some people can perceive the things below the surface in many aspects ,but some people can only hold a few a little.
Some people can not only detect the surface of things in all aspects, and can see its inner essence ,and some people in the same circumstances ,both see things invisible to the external appearance and the intrinsic meaning .
They have ears ,eyes ,nervous ,but they did not go to see ,not to listen, not to feel. For these people, a strong will is unfamiliar and distant ,they greatly play fast and loose change are to be led by the nose .
Therefore ,willpower and development of the first condition is observed. People must learn to see ,to hear ,to feel things really are .Cory Che Ceng Yan :&quot ;non vision can only feel the straight Then entered his body itself things ;and visual acuity can used to observe everything.
Visual acuity through observation and became powerful .&quot ;this is the first lesson to learn -- see art. Most of us at this point did not receive proper training in schools ,and compelling is ,nowadays most children still do enter the campus .
There are many correct method can learn how to read ,but the school in general specific courses tend to have the opposite effect .Unless we learn how to read ,or you will always standing still ,one can .
Therefore ,from first to last motto is -- note of willpower !Training must be unremittingly attention from beginning. The willpower to effectively participate in different sensory organs use! In all exercises ,this maxim must remember :attention! However ,pay attention to what ?The will power !Authoritative principle is -- &quot ;I am determined to establish the willpower !Attention! &quot ;nineteenth by Foxit PDF Creator Generated .
Foxit Software ( text box blank For evaluation only notes ) ( .) willpower training for _ Hudec training principle Enhance individual will. TXT persevere systematic practice ,and has been in your mind I won will power as a goal ,is to develop habits of exercise can promote the will .
Persevere perseverance persevere ,and to make practice to further improve .Emerson was right: &quot ;a second substitute is training ,it is formed a habit with conventional forces. Pull cart racing to Arabia than horses for pulling the cart.
In West Point than Ford chief engineer colonel with a hammer pounding a cannon of the trunnion ,until they knock out .He went hundreds of ground firing a cannon, until it bore explosion.
Then ,which is the first strike destroyed the trunnion ?Is every percussion; which is the first explosion burst the ?Is every explosion .&quot ;&quot ;diligence is money ,&quot ;&quot ;great is to train &quot ;,Henry III used to say every day .
6 hours ofpracticing the piano ,can achieve touch piano skill ;6 hours a daypainting ,can obtain for dry materials ,paint brush ,ochre and skilled operation. Those outstanding master say, when they see a man by Key position will be able to judge the people in music is an expert ,in fact ,the musical proficiency is very difficult and very important.
Learn to use tools ,there should be thousands of times of operation ,to the Institute of computing skills ,there will be countless times add, subtract, multiply and divide ,this is mechanic and accounting personnel strength.
&quot ;&quot ;just the adults ,Thomas. British philosopher .Reed said ,&quot ;even a child ,idiot even livestock ,can pass the custom to get many of them had no perception .Almost every occupation people have this on their occupation category the specific things perception.
The shepherd the flock of sheep with a propensity to acquaintances ,like we know as ,and place them in a flock of sheep in unmistakably picked .The butcher saw at a glance that the cattle were killed before the beef and lamb weight and quality of farmers through the eyes .
Observation can be pretty close to estimate a stack of hay or a heap of corn weight. Even if the ship in the far offshore ,seaman can also determine their tonnage ,structure as well as the distance.
Each used to book Write can be identified through her acquaintance, as through the face to identify the same. In general ,insight is obtained differ from man to man ,it is because they have selected the observed object is varied, and they were observed in practice is also different.
&quot ;all of these acquired ability it is through long-term exercise and obtain. Behind them is persevere will power. In these examples ,most do not need a practice in which the great willpower .
Instead,Which flap onion tears 4, they are just some lift a finger ,as long as you implement, can be obtained. Therefore ,persevere to focus on the following exercise ,thought has maintained a full strength of will ,will let you get instructions mentioned in the capacity ,and will train you to mind control ability,The man put case-dough where for men father figure, the effect is very remarkable.
But this work to be successful ,must pay the effort and patience .Don no hard work can be powerful will, do not think only through a month of training or a efforts can achieve this upgrade.
To obtain great willpower ,there is only one way ,is to aspire to Determined to continuously establish ,willpower and resolutely continue. An insane person is sometimes willpower. When they have a clear purpose ,will give you wind up ,pay the maximum effort of will ,like most sober people behave .
If this book cost you more months of effort ,it will give you will wind up ,make it have great strength and stamina ,and will show you all the time and effort is worth it. Has justified Festival training value depends largely on the training system.
This requires not only have science the reasonable training ,but also have regular rest ,do not do any work .In a l O day of practice, when continued practice after 5 days ,it should be proper rest -- for example on Saturday and Sunday.
From first to last ,to cultivate and maintain full willpower mood .And strong willed ,is what we are going to climb the highest point .Finally, in order to make these principles give readers a real interest ,following a feasibility proposal ,should be thoroughly into the mind of the reader .
The first ,about 1have beenperceived insight forces maintained in The best condition :let the eye ,ear ,smell ,taste ,touch and nervous system ,each doing his own job ,flexible operation.
2 pay attention toevery kind of sense perception. ( 3.) follow the regular rest cycle ,you know, a degree of relaxation can stay active attention .4convenientconditions, can be inventing some new methods of practice.
5 puts you in thepractice that generated the idea used in your entire life .6somehabitual behavior although not forced ,but is unable to achieve the harmony of nature, then the need in mind awake .
7stick forinsight into the ability of training ,to obtain the most a strong will power .Second ,about 1in all aspects ofmemory if the memory is not so good ,determined to strengthen it. 2try tofind your own memory characteristics ,and try to take advantage of it.
( 3.) if the memory in a certain field is relatively weak ,but in some other aspects relatively strong, this requires special training for weaknesses and strengths ,driven to assist this effort .
( 4.) the text memory is subject to the content of memory .The memory content of 5toestablish at remembering facts ,dates the good foundation .6are strongly dependent on theYour memory capacity to make choices .
7with a strongwillpower often review all memory effort .8in conversation,writing, in public speaking ,as often as possible using the memory content stored in the 9 memory.Always with .10 throughassociate facts collated ,and then the contents of the memory system, combination .
11 determinationhave an excellent memory. 12 resolutelybid farewell to smoke and drink .13donmnemonics or any arbitrary &quot ;assistant &quot ;,should use the associative law of nature. Such as :associative -- Horse & rider contrast -- light and dark similar -- Grant and Sherman cause and effect -- the habits and pain -- the United States and New York overall and local species and species -- dog and greyhound sign with the matter -- cross and Catholic third ,about to imagine 1 do not indulge ina dream.
2 do notevoke evil thought. ( .) 3in the imagination,involving only the facts and shall not the essential reality. 4 will becompletely healthy content of instilling in brain. ( 5.) will feel to the imagination .
6 thatenvisioned as a conscious ,intelligent instruments ,and let It is a practical purpose. ( 7.&quot ) precautions ;squint &quot ;thoughts. Seek truth from facts about the fact ,do not have any bias.
8 donbecause fantasy itself wonderful and indulge .( 9.) don drown in a certain thing or a certain aspects of the association ,time should be appropriate .( 10.) as imagination with the most abundant material.
Twentieth Generated by Foxit PDF Creator .Foxit Software ( text box blank For evaluation only notes ) .Willpower training for _ Hudec training principle to enhance individual willpower .
TXT 11 strictly prevent theimagination space in some bad associations ,especially for the human and the reality of some wrong understanding ,can not enter your mind ,be a source of confusion .
Fourth ,about self sentiment 1 donthought to healthy development. ( 2.) through the reason carefully examines and feeling and thinking of the validation. ( 3any time.) to maintain a good mood ,keep in mind the fresh air supply.
4andgood companionship. ( .) 5followed the generalbut powerful truth .( 6.) will be absorbed in all for self perception of exclusion of a dream .Want to emotions ,all delusions were left to be flung to the four winds .
( .) ( .) 7 familiar withself perception of each phase. See ,hear ,smell ,taste ,touch ,feel ,imagine ;memory ,reasoning ,judgment -- this series of course you must have a well-thought-out plan fifth ,learned by heart.
On self control ,( 1.) the habit of nurturance manners .2eliminateeccentric behavior .3understand their ownshortcomings and was determined to overcome .4 to overcome theimmoral ,harmful and annoying habits.
5 donin reasonable things to spend too much energy ,not to waste energy in the reasonable thing .6willing to acceptcriticism ,but should be thoroughly analyzed and based on the analysis result to decide their behavior.
7 donmeet the impulse or desire, if the two to the high state of mind to produce lasting damage. 8will loseself control, expectations about the consequences ,especially to predict how to reply to the current state of you need to pay much effort .
9 letself become allies rather than enemies .10firmly believe thattheir own .11oftheir confidence and faith in others together. 12in mindalways .A most noble ideal .( 13.) don loss of self will force perception.
I won only when you have confidence of success when expected ,you will tend to rely on your will power to obtain the ultimate success. Therefore ,it is very necessary to develop the expected amount after the mood.
The scientific proof of the fundamental facts show that this correlation is very important .Because of space limitations do not allow for a lengthy explanation ,but its main viewpoint is :idea more and more active ,more likely to be successful ;the idea is negative ,the more likely to fail.
The following is the relationship between the number of criteria 1.) that you set a goal in your capabilities permit range. 2if we can chooseto play the last time ,to choose you in the best physical and mental state at the moment.
3in your mindover and over again in mind ,you should and must win. Refused to head out to shake idea ,contempt for &quot ;I failed &quot ;idea! ( 4.) the most exuberant vitality to keep thinking ,in the spirit of repeatedly told myself ,you will get what you are seeking .
For example :I want to have a healthy body ,I will Rich ;I want to get the better things in life ;I must get them. I want to use all the power at work to achieve my pursuit of value ,I will get them !If it seems far-fetched -- just in the mind to remember :my state of mind is positive and optimistic !This state of retreat ,coincides with the cowardly environment diametrically opposite ,while the latter was kicked aside &quot ;&quot ;.
If the negative state of mind had expected complain ,boring ,lost ,the emptiness of life, then the positive thought is impossible to realize its pursuit of the lofty goal in ninth chapter .
The eyes are not fair -- visual training some people can perceive the things below the surface in many aspects ,but some people can only hold a little ,some people can not only detect the surface of things in all aspects, can see its inner essence .
Some people have eyes ,but they are not observed ,in terms of them strong willed ,strange and distant ,they have to do is follow the variable changes act blindly .Does God give us eyes is no intention ?He made us a twinkle in his eye ,exudes magical power of wisdom is this I .
Not endowed with profound meaning ?-- love Beek Ted eye power Harold .Dr. Wilson .In his book mentioned :&quot ;the human eye can distinguish one hundred thousand different colors ,but also for each color distinguish 20 different luminance and chrominance ,which means people the eye has a total of two million different color sense.
The earth ,plants ,marine clouds -- the color of nature is almost inexhaustible ,but it beyond the human visual recognition range. &quot ;no doubt ,&quot &quot ;eye ;is the creator of one of the greatest and most talented creative thought and feeling are the eyes .
God .In gaze ,eye because of will flicker in mining glowing light. In the eyes of the joy ,fear ,hate ,love ,desire ,aversion ,all reflect the intrinsic emotional strength for the eyes deeply influenced .
Therefore ,if will once ordered ,so these feelings will pass eyes in disguise ,as in acting on the stage .The eyes of our current focus. But despite this ,apply to it the rule also applies to other sensory organs -- in Brain central occur anywhere in a process ,be in all the other places the role ,and this process will be in one way or another to affect the whole body .
According to various sensory organs of training to cultivate willpower ,is the use of this Law of the role of each particular group .The exercises are more or less influence to the whole human body ,that is to say ,affects all organ mobilized willpower combined.
The visual ,auditory ,taste ,smell and touch are dependent on certain external stimulation ,the stimulation of many forms, including mechanical ( touch ) ,molecular (taste and smell ) ,physiological the ( sight ,hearing ) ,strength ( muscle sense ) ,spirit ( consciousness ) and so on .
Sue the professor said :&quot ;a loss of eyesight might still can imagine that people can see objects. The brain can not dependent on external stimulation and work because it has formed .
A habit ,can according to the past to external stimuli responses produced when the way to work .&quot ;but the human mind can never know. Willpower can body energy in the body of a designated site .
When focusing on certain parts of the body ,blood will be directing a flow to this place .Will focus on the eyes ,the eyes will make a variety of neural nurtured. When be absorbed in watching something ,optic nerve roots of each ganglion will get sufficient blood supply ,visual terminal organ and eye muscle would be greatly activated.
People due to attention to strengthen and enhance ,this includes the degree of muscle action -- from the body is directed to specific muscles. In very focused when, people will have a tense or tight feeling ,and this it shows that the muscles in the play to their role as Fechner .
Said: &quot ;twenty-first pages ( .) ( .) Generated by Foxit PDF Creator .Foxit Software ( .) ( note For text box blank ) evaluation only. Willpower training for _ Hudec training principle to enhance individual willpower .
TXT in one When, is the eye in exert oneself ;in listening, ears in exert oneself in time ;contemplate ,is the brain was .&quot ;thus can be inferred ,when we look at a visible object , there will be a (neural ) power from the central flow down, partially transmitted to all parts of the muscle ,is delivered to the eyeball rotation visual muscle ,and part of a transfer to feel ,felt by the central receiving optic nerve on object impression .

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