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[ZZ] young people, come into the system to

Author :the Southern Weekend reporter Intern Pan Xiaoling Fan Chenggang 2011-02-24 10 : 27:38 the public servants examination enlists in 2011 more than 1400000,since 2009 three consecutivetime exceeds 1 million, the most competitive of the top 6 positions in view of more than 3000 : 1&nbsp ;the tendency of large state-owned enterprises ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,institutions and public servants ratio increased year by year ,and the tendency of foreign and private ratio decreased.
&nbsp ;the residents investigation shows ,the party and state organs, organizations ,enterprises and institutions responsible person answering very happy with the highest percentage of stable ,high welfare .
,security ,security ,these now more bamboo yield ,is directing the generation of Chinese young people to the system to return a large number .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;February 14th, for most young people ,this day is a Valentine ;for 31 yearson the streets of the office staff of Shen Na ,it was just her preparations for the state organs government functionary examination of long experience in the ordinary day .
&nbsp ;2003 after graduating from University,Adidas Wings,Work, music, exercise,she consecutively participated in eight national exams .Her world is clear and simple: enter the civil service. &nbsp ;no invitation ,after work is her Review of the literature proposal and administration occupation ability test of the time.
In fact, every page of her familiar ,which of the two do not add up to 800 pagesof the civil service examination review data ,she go round and begin again goblin read eight years bad luck .
&nbsp ;in addition ,can be explained in Shen Na for eight consecutive years of examination of the reasons for the failure ,only competition is rising year by year .2011 national testapplicants again refresh three records :more than 1400000 ,and since 2009 thirdmore than 1 million ;there examinee ,35 years old,this is to register for examination of age limit ;examination than expand to 87.
5 : 1,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,the most competitive top 6 aposition ,the proportion is an unprecedented 3000:above 1. &nbsp ;more and more young people will own life hopes on into the public units. and the official position by the same hand and the central enterprises and large state-owend enterprise work .
2008 China Youth newspaper in regulating heart a research data display ,want to enter state-owned enterprises graduates from 14.6% in 2007 to19.2%,wanting to enter foreign company is reduced from 50.
2% to 42.4%.&nbsp ;2011,5Nankai University studentin the economist Zhou Liqun under the guidance of Graduates Job Hunting Intention in Tianjin The line survey ,state-owned enterprises ,institutions ,public servants ranked in the top three.
&nbsp ;the Southern Weekend reporter in Peking University ,Tsinghua University ,Renmin University of China ,Huazhong University of Science and Technology ,Sichuan University ,Southwest University of Political Science and Law, 2008,2009graduateseach randomly selected two classes as the sample ,found that nearly nine students took the exam.
With Shen Na &nbsp ;number of passers-by are explosive growth ,it is the social resources ,wealth and opportunity priority configuration and to local tilt stimulation reaction . 20 years ago,with the rapid development of market economy ,system of space full of vitality and opportunity ,a large number of young people out of the system ,into the company or the sea of gold ;20 years latersadly ,the turning invisible baton began to move in the opposite direction -- young people ,to the system go !&nbsp ;&nbsp ;in 2010 the Liaoning province government civil service recruitment interview ,an admission of candidates Xijierti ,home to call annunciation .
( card Tacitus / CFP / map) &nbsp ;I as the mad &nbsp ;into the system, now the whole society that is enterprising . &nbsp ;Tsinghua University ,master ,now at Beijing some financial Organizations subordinate enterprises -- born in 1981, Li Hongjun is clearly have a brilliant future elite youth ,although he does not think so .
&nbsp ;in four consecutive years in the national exams after failed ,Li Hongjun summed up his own people before 30 yearsbiggest defeat ,2004undergraduate course graduatesdid not participate in the national examination .
In middle school is reading .Historical records and Mao Zedong anthology he grew up determined to politics ,the college entrance examination to fill volunteer ,he did not hesitate to offer a professional engineering Tsinghua University .
&nbsp ;this step as he entered the career life planning :Beijing schools, read read engineering ,liberal arts ,and then with a perfect educational background was admitted to the civil service .
&nbsp ;2004on the eve of graduation,Li Hongjun in the self-study room preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination ,some students found around watching national examination review data .
Weighed ,Li Hongjun believed was farsighted ,perfect information is more important. &nbsp ;three years after graduation ,Li Hongjun found that he had miscalculated ,country the examination is crazy .
&nbsp ;2007national examination,registration number amounts to 600000 ,than 2004, broke up nearly 5 times.Then ,the country has nearly five million students graduate ,which means roughly every 10 graduateshave a Who participated in the national examination .
&nbsp ;the entire graduating class liberal arts -- especially -- students sent out almost all participating countries have become the norm .&nbsp ;in order to help the students to improve the Gwageo competitiveness ,Hebei Normal University College of law and politics will also proposal and administration occupation ability test two government functionary examination written examination subjects as political science and public administration specialty courses.
&nbsp ;around the country to test economic chain is formed .The major colleges and universities campus, all kinds of national examination training of advertisements ,even with study abroad exam training famous Oriental ,founded in 2006 the civil serviceexamination training center .
Industry estimates ,in 2009 the civil service examination training market value is high up to 1000000000 yuan.&nbsp ;Guangdong Province Gwageo examination are located in Guangzhou ,Dongguan ,Foshan three .
Some market sensitive sense of smell of travel service tailored to the Gwageo line ,for the candidates to provide shuttle bus ,accommodation and catering all in one service .&nbsp ;according to the same way network hotel project person in charge, the Gwageo day city ,examination center where the order broke surface 50% .
&nbsp ;this is one of the wonders of China ,more and more people on the country the word at the beginning of the product Shunned ,but at the same time like a swarm of bees to country with the local word scramble for .
&nbsp ;2010Peking UniversityGraduate Cao Liang also get two ofer, one from a British university PHD admission ,a report from the China Southern Power Grid .Parents and girlfriend family one-sided that he should choose choose China Southern Power Grid .
The reason is sufficient let him have the irrefutable :so many people thronged to the state-owend enterprise all crowded into ,wait for you the book back ,can find a good job ?If not, read so many books and have what use? &nbsp ;it has become more and more graduates employment beyond doubt the standard answer .
Southern Weekend reporter in the interview process meet the eye everywhere heard this story :a Qinghua graduates of 2005 inthe Central Propaganda Department of the final admission pass get know the book before ,was flatly rejected the PHD ofer University of Hong Kong Award ;National People 2010 graduatesin family and classmates are strongly recommended ,give up PwC ,into one of the organs for civil servants .
.. ... &nbsp ;Li Hongjun still on the original choose the wrong answer regret ,in a team, for his leadership in vino veritas :I dawdle ,ready for national exams ,to do civil servants .
leads to his table state quite agree ,patted him on the shoulder and said: good !can you believe it ?Li Hongjun recalled this scene said ,now the whole society that is enterprising .&nbsp ;&nbsp system raging ;2010Chinesecity resident well-being survey shows ,the party and state organs, organizations ,enterprises and institutions responsible person answer very happy with the highest percentage of .
&nbsp ;2001 Zhao Xinjiegraduated from Renmin University of China ,silent to some organs report. At that time, this work is dull extremely ,starting salary but 1000 yuan,though sooner or later can be far lower than the market price of the money to buy a house ,but the Beijing commercial housing price is four thousand yuan.
This welfare is not too attractive. &nbsp ;that is the country take the open on-line registration in the previous year. At that time ,the national ministries ,provinces government agency recruitment ,only to several well-known universities please college teachers recommend students ,however With the recommended about talking ;or to the university organization special recruitment .
&nbsp in international relations ;Peking University 1997 graduateTao Liang impression, the most excellent students are reluctant to go to the government authorities .From 1994 to 2000, the national register to attend officeholder exam personnel just more than 4.
&nbsp ;state-owned enterprises the competitiveness is not . In 1997 ,about 2 / 3the state-owend enterpriseis mired in losses ,the same year ,the then Vice Premier Zhu Rongji put forward a state-owend enterprise three years to take off tired &nbsp ;although around this one target ,the country began to publish a number of measures stripping the burden ,but was still in the 1993economy of blame state ownershipcreated more than half of the total value of GDP since Guotuiminjin bonus period.
Foreign enterprises ,private businesses, industries with high income remains the college graduates are preferred. &nbsp ;but the state-owend enterprise deficient faster than almost all imagination .
&nbsp ;2000,Tao Liang university graduate ,state-owend enterprise began in high school high net technology elite ,like China ,China electric power nuclear group ,these originally did not come to the enterprise ,all land in Peking University and Tsinghua University who was fishing .
state-owend enterprise three years to take off tired of the last years ,many state-owned enterprises go A trough, 1997 deficitof nearly seven thousand state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises ,has been reduced by more than 70% .
&nbsp ;2004 Tao LiangNorth doctoral graduate students around the start ,take care of what hand state-owend enterprise ofer is worth it. Just a year earlier ,the country established national endowment appoint ,three years later ,in spite of the jurisdiction of the central enterprises while cut nearly four into, but downsizing profit in 2006blowoutto one trillion .
This was ten years before the state-owend enterprise all the assets of the 50 times.&nbsp ;in Tao Liang graduated 5 years later in 2009,the state-owned enterprises in the chinahr.com published optimal employer 50 strong 29 seats,one year later rose to 33 .
Foreign only won 3 seats.&nbsp ;in the media, on the central enterprises and large state-owned enterprises stride forward singing militant songs reported everywhere : the collective enterprises to enter the real estate ,coal ,and buy a wide range of private enterprises ;to the Shanghai and Shenzhen ,Hongkong ,listed overseas financing ;2008,PetroChina reelected in Asia the most profitable business ,moving to become the world profitable telecom company ,ICBC to become the world profitable bank .
.. ... The same year ,the national economy to stimulate investment in four trillion ,the investment of nearly nine into project by the country look forward to to .&nbsp ;from the stretched to others, the word at the beginning of the enterprise only less than ten years ,the momentum continues to soar ,the elite of natural scramble for .
said Tao Liang &nbsp ;national finance .Revenue is soaring. According to China Statistical Yearbook shows ,growth of fiscal revenue in 1995 aftersuper GDP growth ,sustained rapid growth since.
Dr. Tao Liang graduated that year (2004 ),finance income ten years ago ( 1994)grew by 505% ,while the amplitude of GDP for 342%.2010 years ,Chinese finance income amounts 8.3 yuan,two times in the GDP growth of fiscal revenue .
The head is a personal and corporate tax .&nbsp ;in 2008, when the central enterprises in the financial crisis in the market make a spurt of progress ,Wu Xiaodan lost his job ,she began to acceding state test force .
2006 graduated from Shandong University,regardless of her family strongly disapproved of ,give up a large state-owned enterprise ofer ,joining a growing private enterprises. After a year, the boss sells a business ,change the real estate investment ,she then switched to another private enterprises ,due to applying for a loan from the bank failure ,capital strand breaks were forced to stop Production .
&nbsp ;apparently ,did not gain and central enterprises ,foreign companies of super national treatment to private enterprises in this country retreat Jinmin tide, already became vulnerable groups .
Many private entrepreneurs either to real estate and other more cost-effective industry profits ;or waiting to be large state-owend enterprise buy, wear on the red hat ;or to do processing and other low-end industries ,it is the central enterprises yet ,maybe also disdain on field.
&nbsp ;the pursuit of transcendence, refused to mediocrity in idea ,already by Wu Xiaodan behind. She just want to pass the exam ,back to the system to go ,otherwise ,no security ,no preparation, no household register ,can Transcendence where are we going? &nbsp ;time can enter the system in young people vision .
8 years after graduation,Zhao Xinjie invites students to Beijing home ,envy envy hate all of a sudden, heap in the students face ,the day dream in the system, students ,yet few people in Beijing can afford to buy a house .
&nbsp ;Zhao Xinjie more than 90 square meters of housing welfare in Beijing Sanhuan in 2009 ,to less than 300000 of the price ,at the time, the surrounding commercial housing price has soared to 20000 yuan / square meters left Right .
Zhao Xinjie unit canteen food abundance,Self, self-esteem, conceited, with meat and vegetables are induced, at a buffet and only one yuan .This price in his 2001 into the unithas never changed. &nbsp ;in the old school was surprised to sigh a piece of money in the market nowadays even a piece of ginger can not afford to buy ,Zhao Xinjie is surprised :is the price inflation ?Have it ?I hadn !&nbsp ;his income is not high ,four thousand yuan a month ,but do not usually used, inflation and soaring property prices in the present ,he gets the non monetary welfare ,with his students as saying ,.
let earning million yuan but no other benefits to people looking for a bean curd . &nbsp February 18th ;according to media reports ,the NPC Financial and economic committee deputy director Wu Xiaoling led the Chinese people task group finished last year in 2010 Chinese city resident well-being survey shows ,in the analysis of survey of industry and occupation after the discovery ,the party and state organs, organizations ,enterprises and institutions responsible person answering very happy with the highest percentage of .
&nbsp ;Zhao Xinjie in the smooth and full of sense of happiness of the organs for life, as long as he is willing to display data ,since 19 .In 96 yearsthe dismissal system since 2003 8 years,national civil servant dismissal rate was only 0.
05% ,personnel flow rate is 1.25% ,is China the most stable groups. &nbsp ;Zhao Xinjie only civil servants and the establishment of the central enterprises and large state-owned enterprise employees in miniature.
Stability ,high welfare ,security ,security ,these are now more expensive factors and gains ,but also more and more attracts millions of Chinese elite young fall over each other to enter the system directly.
&nbsp ;within the system &nbsp survival ;reading, my ideal is to change education ,master graduation thesis examination questions is Li Dazhao ideas of civil education ,now ,even I myself can analysis .
&nbsp ;have the Spring Festival every year go home as soon as possible ,Zhao Xinjie low-key ,do not go out,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, not in .He organs in spite of power sequence after the rank leans ,but their families only that he is a central down cadre ,they asked him to work once in a continuous line .
&nbsp ;national power sector is Li Hongjun over the past four years has always been a firm test target ,although a probability of only 1/1000 .Admitted to the general government sector ,mostly in the system A stable life ,but a thought into the power sector ,must also have some other ideas ,he paused a moment ,frankly ,is to seek your .
&nbsp ;during the exam, Li Hongjun in his hometown of open coal mine boss relatives and friends that his ideal ,the call immediately asked him how much money management ,many have become of course it is not reliable .
The idea of a transparent and fair ,and more than one million people registered for one reason .&nbsp ;but the official head of the power rings ,have to say ,very attractive .Said Li Hongjun.
&nbsp ;this can not be put on the table that temptation is Huang Qiu Wei Lian test five years of China to test the direct cause. From Xiamen University graduate ,Huang Qiu Wei entered a Beijing institution .
Farming at home parents asked ,we will be bullied, you can pipe ?Huang Qiu Wei says not ,parents was silent for a moment ,then you can to say to other unit ?&nbsp ;Li Le works at a north power department ,Sichuan University in 2007 graduate,he is a grade employment star ,just enter the unit ,he is still not can inhibit the expansion period ,though only a clerk ,but he man continuously ,And do so with a measure of humility .
&nbsp ;this superiority with a girlfriend in considering to buy a house on finally Xiaoting .Li Le is now a monthly income of 4000 yuan,in addition to 5 yuana canteen meal ,the unit lost low-cost supply of organic vegetables ,washing coupons and year-end multiple a monthly basic salary, no other benefits ,the house is said to have also little hope.
and the entry that year ,Li Le ,just to catch up with the sunshine salary began to strictly enforce a multitude of names ,before the subsidies have been cancelled .&nbsp ;this means that in the city ,he must not eat nor drink for 50 years to buya set of 100 square meters around the house,this is in accordance with the current price conversion .
In the welfare of the housing are becoming scarce in reality, this is Chinese junior civil servants collective problems .&nbsp ;girlfriend suggested job-hopping ,for a cheap the city too small days ,Li Le strongly disagreed .
One is &nbsp ;although income is not high ,but there are always so many people asked me to act, once out of the system ,will become me to ask someone else. I can not accept .he said ,two is .
.. ... Frankly ,I work every day is repeating the same process ,I have no other skills .&nbsp ;give up the UK entry opportunities ,China Southern Power Grid ,Cao Liang also was immersed in mechanization anxiety .
As a university graduate ,his daily work is finishing materials ,documents ,at the end of the year the most busy ,because want to catch various year-end summary. &nbsp ;more recently, he is working on an employee assistance program ,let in substation care equipment colleagues not so boring ,for example ,apply in their office for audio ,weekly to arrange for their site to play basketball and badminton ,who also graduated from the Wuhan University ,Huazhong University of Science and Technology ,North China Electric Power University and other schools .
&nbsp ;reading, my ideal is to change education ,master graduation thesis examination questions is Li Dazhao ideas of civil education ,he said ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,now ,even I myself can analysis .&nbsp ;Cao Liang was born in 1984 ,graduated in 2010 this yearwhen he ,the vast majority of 80 after theformal farewell campus .
In the country back into trend under the stimulation of formation of this return to the system in the spring tide, was posted on them such as independent character self label ,began to look less has said Service force and generalization .
&nbsp ;they actually and of any age who was born in China -- there are few opportunities for self analysis ,a set of pragmatic system principle of mind ,having little independent significance and value ,always from a social standard .
&nbsp ;at the moment of the system of stable yearning and consciously safeguard ,in this generation of young elite has and will continue to win support among the people .&nbsp ;Wu Xiaodan finally entered the Shenzhen city have got one in a government department ,now work to the unit to write publicity and press release.
She became more and more conflicts and the minority still outside the system mixed students in online chat ,a thorough on the part .&nbsp ;why is always criticizing ?Why to reflect ?she asked, wouldn the mainstream ,bright side ?&nbsp ;on the whole, Wu Xiaodan is a quiet man ,every day in the flat and unit according to the template to complete and peaceful ,she had a habit of to take four tablets of vitamin ,Scarlett Johansson when she like pink peach flatters a bed couch......,it is unit of welfare.
The bottle of pills a day down ,is the Chinese department graduate at present daily life a few variables still exist in detail A .&nbsp ;and has participated in the eight national exams Shen Na ,is still in the preparatory year in November to participate in the ninth examination.
According to the new regulations ,starting from next year ,central and provincial organs of civil servants ,in addition to some special jobs ,from more than two years with the grass-roots work experience staff senior high school entrance examination were recorded .
Perhaps this will finally for the contemporary female Fan Jin reduce the number of competitors .It would be her last chance ?&nbsp ;( should interview requests, the name is a pseudonym

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